Is your Monitoring Software ready for GDPR ?

GDPR is a new rule to be implemented in Europe on May 25th 2018. It stands for General Data Protection Regulation.
While it’s solely enforceable in Europe, we worked to adapt the general release of SECURITHOR for GDPR.

The key elements of GDPR are:

.Anonymizing collected data to protect privacy
The anonymity and safeguarding of data in Securithor is insured by encryption of key elements of the database. This modification starts at version 2.1.7. Should you have a lower version, contact MCDI to make arrangements for an update or an upgrade

From our older Monitoring Software: SAMM, WinSAMM, RX1000, or Securithor v1: we can convert your account data and upgrade your software to Securithor v2.1.7. Contact MCDI to purchase an upgrade.

From any SECURITHOR v2:we can update to 2.1.7. Update rights are included in your SECURITHOR support plan.
We also perform database maintenance when updating a Securithor v2. Database maintenance will help speed up your database and might prevent corruptions as well as detecting a bad HDD. Contact MCDI to confirm your update rights to version 2.1.7 or to renew your support plan.

• Requiring the consent of subjects for data processing:
Revise contracts with your subscribers for data collection.

• Providing data breach notifications
In the unlikely event you have notice a data breach, inform the subscribers that have been affected.

• Safely handling the transfer of data across borders

We can discuss options with you in case you need to operate across jurisdictions. Simple steps such as setting a vpn can be taken.

SECURITHOR connecting Bosch D6100 Alarm Receiver

SECURITHOR is now handling alarm signals from Bosch D6100 through IP connection. The IP connection is standard in SECURITHOR 2.1.6 while serial connection is available to all SECURITHOR V2 since 2015.
The IP connection now brings new possibilities such as connecting from a  remote location.

Contact MCDI or your SECURITHOR power centre to get SECURITHOR or learn how you can update your SECURITHOR Alarm Software.  Thanks to Mathieu Racine at Novytec to make this possible. SECURITHOR Works with Bosch D6100

One year in India

We are distributed in India by our friends and exclusive partners at SHIVAMY TRADEXIM.
It’s already been one year. A quote by one of your countryman comes to mind:
If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
If you want to walk far, walk together.
-Ratan Tata
We hope to see you guys in December 2016 for Delhi’s IFSEC show.
With Shivamy Tradexim during Mumbai show

With Shivamy Tradexim during Mumbai show

Ganesh Chaturthi at Shivamy Tradexim

Ganesh Chaturthi at Shivamy Tradexim

ELDES Receivers added in SECURITHOR

SECURITHOR v2.1.0 brings new receiver definitions for Eldes ESR100 and EGR100. Both Eldes Alarm Receivers now easily connect to SECURITHOR‘S STreceiver.



A simple drop down menu allows to select them and configuration is easy. Straight forward parameters and your are done in a minute. The alarm signals will appear in STreceiver and in SECURITHOR traffic grid for processing.

Contact MCDI Staff to know more about the advantages of SECURITHOR 2.1.0