About MCDI

MCDI is still doing Alarm Receivers and Monitoring Software like it did back in 1994 when founded in Montreal Canada.

Many will remember the game changer TLR isa receiver and SAMM software. Prior to MCDI’s TLR, receivers were big, bulky and expensive. MCDI changed this by thinking outside the box, by in fact removing the box and using PC for power and housing of the Alarm receivers.  We still talk to customers running them for more than 20 years.

Along the years we made several more receivers on PC boards namely TLR+, Exprecium 1,2,3 and now Exprecium D for PCI or PCI-e slots.

MCDI added it’s first external receiver the SA-TLR+ back in 1997. It was followed by EXSA, Decrypta 1-2 and 3 and now our flagship Decrypta 4. All of them have distinctive designs far from the traditional black boxes.

In 2008 MCDI introduced a line named Extrium. With embedded linux and powerful ARM processor, Extrium receivers offer more features including notifications to Android phones, Alarms over IP  and embedded web servers. Extrium is now ready for new pure IP receivers like DT42.

On the software side the popular SAMM was replaced by WinSAMM at the turn of the century. WinSAMM gave room to SECURITHOR  back in 2009. Now at version 2.0 SECURITHOR brings new features such as Virtual Panic Buttons, Web Access for subscribers and Weboperator.

No Monitoring software company can say it has more installations and customers as varied as MCDI.

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