3 ways to use SECURITHOR over the web:

Weboperator for installers, dealers, staff

WAM For Subscribers

STM For Supervisors


SECURITHOR handles Web Access for subscribers, staff, salesmen or installers.
Select which services you want to deliver to your subscribers.

Staff can check on the operation with STM. This mobile web viewer gives you some of SECURITHOR metric right into smart phones or tablets. You know right away the traffic level of the last 24 Hours, the number of emails and ams as well as which operators are connected at the moment. A simplified traffic windows give you the last events right away and lets you scroll down in time.

Installers can use the WEBOPERATOR to access accounts they are working on. They can put an account in test mode for a limited time to check their installation without bothering operators. The normal status is restored automatically after tests are concluded. Installers only have access to their own accounts. You can set their permission levels to prevent them from making changes to the accounts information.

Salesmen and resellers can use WEBOPERATOR to fill accounts directly with customer while on site. All they need is internet access, from a laptop or a tablet such as an iPad. All access rights can be limited for them and they can be prevented from looking at accounts they do not own.

Major customers with multiple accounts can either have a group access from WAM or a more complete access to their accounts using WEBOPERATOR. They can be prevented from looking at other accounts and their access level can be limited.

Subscribers have their own tool: WAM. The Web Access Module allows subscribers to view their account info, alarm history, service orders and armed/disarmed status from their PC, tablets or smartphones. The Web  Access Module is on a dedicated web server so request from subscribers are never made directly to your SECURITHOR for enhanced security and performance. Inquire to MCDI staff about the various Web Hosting possibilities for WAM.

WAM, the Web Access Module

MCDI developed WAM for SECURITHOR to sustain traffic from thousands of subscribers.

Subscribers consult data on the WAM server which is separated from SECURITHOR. This web server can handle request from thousands of subscribers each looking to info such as ‘Is my system Armed or Disarmed?’.  This effectively shield your SECURITHOR because NO access is made directly to SECURITHOR by subscribers.

WAM offers many features to your subscribers. They can view their alarm history, check the armed or disarmed status of their alarm systems, find when is the next scheduled opening/closing of their alarm system, view Service Orders pending/completed and even write a service request. WAM is sure to add value to your Monitoring Central and distinguish it from competition.


While designing SECURITHOR and WAM we  selected PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL was our choice for WAM version 1. Many of the WAM v1 are still running uninterrupted, yes 100% uptime,  after 2 years or operation.

PostgreSQL is perfect for the job with many replication possibilities. PostgreSQL is fast, effective and stable when responding to surge from your subscribers.  SQL respects the 5 S we are looking for: Strength, Stability, Scalability, Security and Speed. 

PostgreSQL is fast, able to handle big data and it’s open source. Choosing PostgreSQL keeps acquisition costs down because you don’t have to purchase a pricy SQL license on top of your CMS software.  PostgreSQL runs on all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X.

WAM with your image.

WAM is designed to reflect your Central Station identification. Starting by your logo, your name and your content.

It’s made to allow easy changes to news, about us, locations and help pages by just uploading a text file. It’s easy to make changes to the web pages.

Twitter, Facebook icons are all linked to your own accounts if you want to use them.

PDF reports made by subscribers bear your name and a watermark of your logo.

Support for personalization of your WAM is included when we set it up and you can maintain all the new sections without being an expert in web design. It’s easily done by simply uploading text files.

Browser or Smartphone

WAM is supplied with 2 web page sets. One for regular browsers and one for smartphones. Subscribers can switch from one to the other easily. Content differs slightly to accommodate smaller phone displays.

Smartphone interface is completely web based. Easy to iconize in iPhone home page or Android. Yet does not require subscribers to go through app download and support.

Interface of smartphones is especially made with on the go navigation in mind. Simple and easy to grasp big icons make it attractive and easy to use.

WAM = back up

WAM also doubles as a remote backup solution. WAM is using a replication of SECURITHOR. It’s a complete database updated on the fly by your SECURITHOR. MCDI can bring it back to  SECURITHOR in case of emergency such as hard disk crash. We can restart your operation in no time. WAM service also includes a 3rd tier backup on separate server to keep a time delay archive. This complete worry free solution adds to the automatic backup tool available locally from every SECURITHOR.

MCDI also offers a full backup emergency recovery service using our web servers. We can load these database on a High performance server and you can connect workstations directly while your Central is in recovery mode. Contact SECURITHOR staff to know more about emergency recovery and how to be ready.

WAM pages in iPhone or Android phones

Premium version

Check with MCDI about Premium versions. All SECURITHOR premium packages include a free installation of WAM service without installation fee.
This is the worry free Web solution completely handled by MCDI. Service is sized according to number of accounts which is a good determinant of service load.

MCDI uses OVH as a web hosting provider. OVH is the #3 hosting provider in the world and in our opinion #1 for hardware, uptime and service.

WAM service

MCDI can handle all web hosting matters for your WAM. The web hosting is scaled according to number of accounts in your SECURITHOR. Service includes all: WAM license, bandwidth on server side, Support for WAM, 3 tier backup. All inclusive for a monthly hosting fee.

This is the worry free solution completely handled by MCDI using our servers at OVH . OVH is the #3 hosting provider in the world and in our opinion #1 for hardware, uptime and service.

WAM server

Instead of having web hosting handled by MCDI you can purchase WAM license as a one time fee and run on your own compatible web server. MCDI will install Lighttpd, PHP, PostgreSQL, OpenVPN on your server. This solution does not require monthly service fee

You can select your server size and provider. MCDI will install on CentOS 6, Ubuntu, Xen server 6.2 or Windows IIS.  MCDI recommends  OVH as a web hosting provider. We have many servers at OVH with uptime of 99.99%