NETWORK operation can be customized to fit your Central station needs.


All features of ST1 and more
If you started with ST1 you can easily upgrade to Network. No need for database conversion.
Database structure of the Single station and Network Edition is compatible.

All features of the ST1 version are included in the Network Edition. Check the Features page to have a complete list.
Several features are added to the Network Edition such as STM, PPP and Dispatch Filters.

It’s also compatible with the Live Back-up module and all SECURITHOR Web Modules.

Network Edition gives you the flexibility to start the SECURITHOR graphical interface from any PC connected.

SECURITHOR is built to follow your CMS not the other way around. Start with a Server and connect stations as you need them. Number of connections is marshalled on the server so you can install the SECURITHOR Client in many PCs. Connect only when you need for a concurrent number of PCs-

You can plan your network installation ahead and spend only when you need it. Scalability also means you can operate all SERVER operations in one machine or that you can separate Core application and database operation in two machines to optimize each process.

Some operations like automatic report sending can be installed in a dedicated PC thus not loading your Main server with sending hundreds of emails per minute.

SECURITHOR server is made for Windows 7, 8 or Server 2008, 2012. As SECURITHOR is made to run with PostgreSQL and is not using Windows’ services, a regular OS is enough for minimum to medium traffic operation thus reducing acquisition costs tremendously. High traffic or multi-site operations can benefit from a Server OS for handling connections and Web server for the Weboperator module.

WAM Web Access Module is made to run best on Linux CentOS. MCDI also developed some Xen Server images for easy and fast installation. WAM can run under Windows IIS.

Weboperator and STM modules are made to use the Server own Windows IIS. These are typically low traffic applications. They can be de-located to separate server for higher traffic.

Live back-up should run on Server OS similar to Main server.

Replicated server can be installed on Windows or Linux.



In designing SECURITHOR, we selected PostgreSQL for the database. SQL respects the 5 S we are looking for: Strength, Stability, Scalability, Security and Speed. MCDI chosPostgreSQL 

PostgreSQL is fast, and scalable. It’s able to handle big data and it’s open source. Being open source means there is no acquisition cost even for large installations. You don’t have to purchase a pricy SQL license on top of your CMS software.  PostgreSQL is an open-source object-relational database system that runs on all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X. There’s a large community of developers to enhance and support it.

Several clustering tools exist for PostgreSQL. They can be part of a custom installation.