Powerful Reports and Stats Module to make business decisions for your Central. At no extra cost, Standard in v2


SECURITHOR V2 new reports section helps you set reports for your customers. Create your layout, set a schedule and automatically send reports to your subscribers. Report can be customized for a single customer or batch for many.  Reports are sent by email or output to file without operator intervention. This completely automatic process can be schedule along the day or at off hours. Layout of the report can be designed using a report builder. Control the look of the report, include your logo, choose document size, include watermark… all possible with the new report section.


Reports and stats section makes great use of PostgreSQL, the database engine for SECURITHOR. PostgreSQL proves to be very apt at handling big chunks of data such as the many daily events of a Central station. It can crunch to months of data to give you a clear picture in a very short time.

PostgreSQL respects the 5 S we are looking for: Strength, Stability, Scalability, Security and Speed. 

PostgreSQL is fast, able to handle big data and it’s open source. This means there is no acquisition cost yet there’s a large community of developers to enhance and support it. Choosing PostgreSQL helps keep acquisition costs down because you don’t have to purchase a pricy SQL license on top of your CMS software.  PostgreSQL is an open-source object-relational database system that runs on all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X.