Database maintenance: why it’s important

Every version of  SECURITHOR runs with PostgreSQL under the hood. Various versions have been used over the years but they there is a compatibility between versions used by Securithor. We adjust it when we do updates.

One thing remains constant for each PostgreSQL: regular maintenance is needed. Like a car that needs an oil change, tire rotation and alignment, your database must be checked and maintained regularly for smooth operation.

Your database is a living organism that grows each time you add an alarm event or change an account in your SECURITHOR. As most SECURITHOR sites are live systems and operations that have a low tolerance for downtime, it’s best to have an expert that made your Securithor run the procedures. It will minimize the risk of error and will make the operation much faster. As the saying goes; don’t try this at home. You might damage your database! And any change you make to it will render it incompatible with any update, and make any intervention considerably longer and costier.

Database maintenance improves its efficiency. Mainly by deleting redundant and useless data. It removes bottlenecks, resource contention and generally helps with performance. The first sign you will notice is the database size might shrink a lot. The smaller size makes for faster operation.

All database maintenance operations are part of the support plan we propose. They also include updates to the latest version. Not only does this include new features of Securithor, it often includes SQL updates. As the updates are planned, it’s easier to run maintenance at the same time. It reduces the downtime to make both operations simultaneously vs in 2 different occasions.

As for the time required to do the maintenance and the update, it depends on many factors: the size of the db is dictated by number of accounts and number of events, plus the performance of the server. And a big factor is the time since the last maintenance. A wait of many months or a year might mean 1-2 hours of downtime when maintenance is needed. Sometimes more if it’s on data recovery.

Every Securithor comes with an initial support plan that includes updates we publish during the period. That support plan can be extended on a yearly basis. That’s the best way to ensure the uptime of your Securithor and that’s it’s updated for the environment you work with such as Windows OS and Mail Servers. Contact us to renew your support coverage. It’s always better to have a support plan already in place. It’s like car assurance. It covers you if you have an accident but you are helpless if you have an accident without the assurance coverage already in place.
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