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Update 2.5.3 brings new features

As usual, a new version of SECURITHOR brings many new features and tuning of favourites. A large update was also made to DT42 as we are launching the companion app GuardBooth for DT42gb. The VERIFICATHOR app was redesigned for iOS17 and Android 14 with a focus on easier navigation of push notifications and push verifications. […]

More features to 2.5 introduced with update 2.51

CHANGES SECURITHOR 2.5.0 => 2.5.1 Previous change list 2.50 DT42GB for Guard Booths: HGB hosting for service is available for granular notification to account holders. Include email, push notification, arm/disarm/test schedule. With control by Securithor’s web operator. new app to interface with DT42 with notification of incoming signals better handling of push notifications to guard […]

New SECURITHOR version 2.50 brings many new features

New SECURITHOR version 2.50 is a major update that brings many new features. Main features you will notice in 2.50 are the ability to open  multiple camera channels simultaneously in MCDI viewers and images from video detection available with Push Notification/Verification. That is images from the likes of Ajax Motioncam, Camect, Dahua AirShied PIRcam, EPCOM […]

Database maintenance: why it’s important

Every version of  SECURITHOR runs with PostgreSQL under the hood. Various versions have been used over the years but they there is a compatibility between versions used by Securithor. We adjust it when we do updates. One thing remains constant for each PostgreSQL: regular maintenance is needed. Like a car that needs an oil change, […]