New Features for SECURITHOR 2.30 and MCB 2.30

SECURITHOR 2.30 and its companion app Mission Control are now officially available

Many new features were added to both SECURITHOR and Mission Control.
Check the change list below to know more or contact us to arrange a demo of SECURITHOR 2.30.

You can get an update of SECURITHOR as part of your annual support plan. Contact us to schedule this important update. Why are updates so important? The first reason is they are key moments to perform maintenance of your database.  The database is growing with each account and event you add. Like a car, your database needs an oil change from time to time.

Another important factor is to reduce the technological gap. Your SECURITHOR works in an environment that is changing: Windows updates are continuous, Camera manufacturers are adding new models, Smartphones have new OS, etc… Without updates, you risk falling behind and it will be hard to get back ahead. Especially with a live system that cannot stop. And it’s quite possible some features might stop working without warning as they get obsolete. Updates ensure you level your main monitoring tools with the environment it’s using.

But the best reason is all those new features. Look below, the list is long!

Major updates are published yearly with smaller ones in between. They are available with your annual support coverage. Why? For one they take an average of 8000 man-hours to produce so it’s a benefit only available to support plan holders. And as you might have an older version, we will need to make some manual arrangements to ensure compatibility. Plus, as we are always working on live systems so it’s important the update is made by someone with high knowledge of the product, who can do the update and the maintenance as fast as possible. Contact us at to make arrangements for support coverage and updates.


Previous change list from 2.1.9 to 2.20


.APS uploader can now provision a range of accounts and auto-create accounts in SECURITHOR
.APS can provision outside STNet 0921 update
·added a section to upload central information for push notifications/verifications v2.30
.added email/SMS/Push notification sender for free text messages (through third part gateway/services)
.right-clicking on an operator in the list allows you to force them to log off
.emailed reports now using scheduled report notes as part of the email body for custom messages
.making sure not to send empty scheduled reports.


.ETA Email to Alarm module to translate emails into alarms, including attachments (audio, video, image).
.added Ajax Cloud alarm reception (Motioncam pictures retrieval via CAM+).added EBS alarm reception (via OSM middleware) 0921 update·added Risco VUPoint cloud alarm (video retrieval via CAM+ and RiscoCloud)
.added Crow cloud alarm reception (video retrieval via CAM+ and CrowCloud )
.added Optex CHeKT signal reception (access to CHeKT server via CAM+)
.added Pima 3 app panic signal reception
.added support for Lantronix modem M110 family tested with M113): Official SMS modem selected by MCDI
.added support for Zeus 4 SMS modem
.allowing CMS to add 3 custom SMS senders without needing an update of STR (HTTP API method)
.adjustment for when SMS special characters sent incorrectly·added option to not check the heartbeat of a serial port
.appending description received with Twig alarms (Twig add-on required)
.added special parsing for year in surgard
.ETA module rework to translate emails into alarms, including attachments (audio, video, image).




.added Risco remote arm/disarm (via m2m2way module and Risco VuPoint)
.added Crow remote arm/disarm (via m2m2way module and Crow Cloud)
in 0921 udpate:
.added support for EBS remote arm/disarm (via OSM Middleware)
.added Ajax remote arm/disarm (via Translator and Ajax Cloud)
.added URFog/RapidFog, Density fogger activation (via ActiveCLoud).

APS X Module and Help Button app

.added support for Hikvision AX Pro panels remote arm/disarm and wireless relay.
.New APS X app published on PlayStore and Appstore.
.New provisioning tool to upload a selection of accounts and create accounts automatically in Securithor.
.APS X can now get up to 10 new icons and alarm codes on secondary alarms.
.Icons customization by Central from STnet tool
.Rework of contacts section in APS app. Now gets contact from phone.
.Location sharing to contacts extended to Whatsapp and various social medias
.Email and SMS in-app are sent by phone, not going through CMS mail server.
.New: iPhone can now send SMS to contacts
.iPhone follow-me behaviour changed to comply with the requirements of iOS 14. Follow me removed.
.Comprehensive logs added
.Settings page showing more comprehensive details.
.Added approximate address GPS reverse location for APS points.

CAM+ Module

.added support for CAMECT (0921 update)
.added access to Risco image viewing (Risco Vupoint)
.added access to Crow Sheperd images viewing (supported via Crow Cloud)
.added support for EBS AVA Pro PIR images (via OSM Vision Middleware)
.added support for Epcom cloud
.added support for Hanwha Wisenet
.added support for Optex CHeXT. added support for Videoloft
.added support for Vivotek.
.added Frontel to CAM+ (requires external Videofied software)
As courtesy:
.as courtesy items are ‘as it is’ without technical support.
.added support for Hik-ProConnect P2P by Hikvision.
.added support for Hikvision AX Pro PIR Images via Hik-Proconnect
.added support for Uniview and Uniview P2P
.TVT deprecated to as courtesy
.Avigilon ACC 4,5,6 (now added in CAM+)
.ONCAM (legacy, now added in CAM+).


.added feature to match incoming caller ID to accounts where contact is present
.using Skype prefix setting for SIP as well
.recording of outgoing calls now included with CTD
.Added approximate address GPS reverse location for APS points.

CORE Module

.Swedish language added (Thanks Bert!)
.STimporter updated for 2.30. Import account nominative infos in bulk for an xls file.
.addition to the STimporter: use an xls file to fill the account list and bulk import in Securithor
.added {zn} wildcard for zone names, changed {z} to {z#} for zone numbers
.added option to send operator comment as email or SMS during alarm processing (through SMS gateway)
.added new/more intuitive way of creating temporary schedules in the schedules section rather than with groups
.added zone scheduled auto arm/disarm/output
.added new registration for Push Notification and Push Verification, per alarm code (requires Verificathor service)
.saving traffic comment grid layout
.traffic performance optimizations
.major optimizations to account management for over 10k accounts
.deleting an account/partition now prompts for comment by the operator
.adjusted guard’s report attachments sizing (MCB 2.3 required, w10, specific settings)
.account 0 deletion prohibited.
.replaced Ammy with AnyDesk in the help menu
.change to Service orders logo management to limit DB size increase.
.added Whatsapp/Messagebird module (0921 update), requires module.
.added URFog/RapidFog, Density fogger activation (via ActiveCLoud).

Push Notification and Verification

.Push notification system changed to Verificathor developed in cooperation with Cegitec
.New push2way allowing verification of alarms signals prior to Securithor operator processing.
·Added free Verificathor app to Playstore and Appstore for both types of notifications.
.Logo of central showing at startup, in the Settings page and as a watermark in Traffic page.
.New push2way allowing verification of alarms signals prior to Securithor operator processing.
.Verificathor service offered, yearly subscription in cooperation with tech partner Cegitec.
.Confirmation, cancellation and snoozing signals are available to the bearer of the Verificathor app when push verification is enabled.
.Log of alarm signals in Verificathor app with date, and action filters
·Added several Central info fields for Verificathor app: Name, Phone Number, WhatsApp Number, address, logo.
.21 languages supported: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Deutsch, Français, English, Español, Filipino, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Norwegian (Norge),  Português, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese.

==MCB 2.30 Mission Control Board==

.MCB version 2.30 compatible with SECURITHOR 2.30
.MCB is now in a separate installer from Securithor for both MCB for ST 2.30 and stand alone MCB Go!
.New Team Concept in Missions. Several staff members can be joined in a team.
.Team leader identified, the role can be delegated to another member of the team
.New MCB app is available in PlayStore
.Redesign of MCB app Tour interface
.Flashlight added to QRcode/Barcode scanning in MCB app
.Many changes to tour schedules on tour expiration, staff accepting
.Change on tour schedule to make repetitive tours at regular intervals in the same day
.New comprehensive statistical package for Missions, Tours, Vehicles and Staff.
.New reporting of job: filters, sorting and output to flat xls file for third part processing.
.Redesign of itinerary maps, street by street display with colour coding per leg
.Vehicle management update with a log for Odometer (Km or miles) and Comments.
.New breadcrumbs navigation added to forms for enhanced navigationN.B. Updating Securithor or MCB requires update rights, as part of annual support coverage.
Contact MCDI to add support coverage to your Securithor or Mission Control
Several modules are not part of the SECURITHOR installer and must be purchased, deployed or activated by MCDI.
Add-on modules are not part of Core Securithor and might require payment for activation. Contact us at skype: mcdi-hq
Maps display, Geocoding, FTP services are covered by respective support plans of Securithor or MCB. Service may stop without support coverage payment.
Apps featured on PlayStore or Appstore are always posted for the latest published version and might not be compatible with prior versions of SECURITHOR.
Published Aug. 19th 2022