MCDI is moving in April

MCDI’s SECURITHOR TEAM  will be moving to a new building on April 20th 2022.

SECURITHOR support will maintain services as usual. Your support plan contacts remain the same via Skype, WhatsApp and emails.
Our SECURITHOR demos are still available minus some of the demo/camera equipments that will be re-installed in the new building by end of April.

MCDI hardware repair services will be off until we get the new workshop all ready.
Inspections and repairs should resume May 2nd 22.

Please note our new address and ensure all your shipments such as parts and repairs are addressed to

MCDI Security Products Inc. 
6556 Boul. Monk
Montréal QC H4E 3J1
Still the same phone number: +514-481-1067
Our line in Spanish is still available at: +514.487.0441

Please double-check the address on your packages as a re-direction from our old site might add long delays and loss of package is always possible.

MCDI-AJAX Cooperation

MCDI developed an Ajax plugin for two-way integration for the SECURITHOR Alarm Response Software.

MCDI, combined Ajax Translator and Enterprise API to deliver a dedicated plugin that manages security and monitors Ajax systems‘ alarms, including visual verification of alarms, security mode switching and relay control. The Ajax plugin has permanent licenses and is free-of-charge for alarm receiving centres that use the SECURITHOR Alarm Response Software, version 2.31 and higher.

Beyond alarm monitoring

SECURITHOR presents a complete dashboard to operators handling alarm signals along with steps and contacts to process each event. The app automates several tasks like sending emails, SMS and reports to subscribers. With such features, SECURITHOR gained popularity among CMS/ARCs in APAC, Italy, North America, LATAM, and Ukraine.

An Ajax plugin

To make it easy for everyone to use Ukrainian products, MCDI made an effort to establish an even more convenient tool for Ajax integration with their software.

Securithor and DT42ip alarm receivers were already able to get alarm signals from Ajax security systems. And with a free AJAX plugin, the SECURITHOR operators can now view images transmitted by MotionCam detectors by simply clicking a button associated with the alarm event. Plus all operators of the SECURITHOR 2.50 Network Edition can control Ajax hubs remotely. Arming, Disarming, Night Mode and even relay activation are available directly in Securithor Alarm Processing tickets.

Contact MCDI to add this plugin to your SECURITHOR 2,50 license or to know how you can get it with your SECURITHOR update.


Free AJAX Plug in for SECURITHOR 2.31

We are making our part at MCDI to help Ukraine by giving (yes free!) the AJAX video plug-in in the latest SECURITHOR 2.31.
The goal is to make it easy for everyone to buy Ukrainian products. Namely the AJAX Jeweller Hub and its MotionCam detectors with integrated cameras.

SECURITHOR and our DT42 IP alarm receivers were already able to get alarm signals from AJAX.
With the AJAX Video plugin, the SECURITHOR operators can now view images transmitted by MotionCam by simply clicking a button associated with the alarm event.

Plus all operators of the SECURITHOR 2,31  Network Edition can control AJAX Hub remotely from their Alarm Processing tickets. Arming, Disarming, Home mode and even relay activation are available directly in SECURITHOR Alarm Processing tickets. No need to roll your chair to another screen.

Contact us to add this AJAX Plug-in to your SECURITHOR license or to know how you can get it with your SECURITHOR update.

What’s new in SECURITHOR 2.31?

We added quite a lot to SECURITHOR 2.31. More than 40 additions and changes were made since 2.30.

The lockdowns gave us time to work on several integrations. Big ones like AJAX Motioncam, DAHUA P2P, HIKVISION Hik-Proconnect and Hikvision AXPRO Panels. A new big module is available for 2.31 in cooperation with our Technology partner Cegitec:  MVP Map View and Plans.
This new module shows sites on a map and their incoming alarm signals. Plus real-time arm/disarm status per site.  From the map, clicking on a site gives you access to stored plans for this account/partition. A plan editor is available in account management to store plans and images. Special prices during the introduction phase.
Consult your MCDI contact or to know if this solution works for your SECURITHOR.Updates are available as part of yearly support plans.
Several features are available as add-on modules for any SECURITHOR

Main additions in SECURITHOR 2.31:
.Added WhatsApp message delivery with Messagebird (WhatsApp add-on module).
.Added MVP Map View and Plans for visualization on map of alarms and sites status.
.Additions in 2-way Control module (2WC)
.Added remote activation of AJAX Hub for arm/disarm home from Alarm Processing Window.
.Added remote stay mode for M2M Services.
.Added arm/disarm/stay controls for HIKVISION AXPRO panel (requires Hik-Proconnect in CAM+ module)
.Added remote activation of HIKVISION AXPRO from Alarm Processing Windows. Arm/Disarm and Stay are available to the operator.
.Added controls of wifi relay i/o (requires Hik-Proconnect and CAM+ module)
.Added EBS alarm reception + remote arm, disarm through OSM (CAM+) and 2WC modules.
.Added remote arm/disarm/output relay control for Hikvision AXPRO. Works with wifi relay as well (2WC module)

MVP Map View and Plans
.Includes 2 parts: Live Map for viewing alarms + sites arm/disarm status. And a Plan Editor in each account.
.Alarm processing is accessible from Live Map as well as Plan store
.Plans added in accounts are accessible from Live Map.
.Images can be imported in Plan Editor e.g. floor plans, aerial views, site pictures.
.Each image can be tagged with icons indicating key elements such as door contacts, detector location, emergency signs, fire extinguishers, etc…
.Zones from the account can be placed in plan and the perimeter of the zone can be drawn on the image.
.Special drawing to indicate other zones or perimeter elements not linked to account zones.
.Camera placement can be indicated on images as well as coverage of the cameras.

The VERIFICATHOR Service: Push Notification and Verification
.Added panic button user right for Verificathor 2 way in Account management>Contact list>Users (soon in Verificathor app)
.Added push notification responder selection in Account management>Alarm Codes>Push Notification
.Added push reception comment to the event indicating if the push was received by the app
.Added push confirmation/cancellation of the event in alarm event journal (through operator comments)
.Added push notification connection and sending status to STNet and Securithor
.Added interface to customize Welcome Message to  Push Notification system.
.Added a button in account management>Contacts>Users to send invite and credentials to Push Notification systems.

CAM+  Premium Camera Module
.Added Dahua p2p in CAM+ (as courtesy).
.Update of Hikvision direct connection SDK.
.Update of Dahua direct connection SDK.
.Changed behaviour for Hik-connect crash when device doesn’t exist.
.Rework of camera reference images of CAM+. Feature included in various brands including Hik-Proconnect.
.Workaround for a conflict between Hikvision Hik-Connect and Hik-Proconnect when using both.

.Added ST HCP Receiver to receive events from Hikvision AXPRO panel and Hik-Proconnect (in ISUP Format)
.Default city is now identified as bold and italic
.Deadman feature rework (relocated outside of ST)
.Added traffic limiter slider bar to help performance in high volume environments
.Added push notification connection and sending status to STNet and Securithor
.Changes to group filters.
.Timing change to prevent area service order freeze.
.Tuning of guard round schedules in account management
.improvement to the test mode in Weboperator/Securithor.

.Big rework of the Data importer: more data can be added to the master xls file
.Importer works on existing database to make batch changes.
.Assignation of an existing alarm code template to account or group of accounts via Importer application.
.Assignation of an external XLS template to account or group of accounts in File importer.

.Added group messaging tool for direct emails, SMS, and Push Notifications. It sends a ‘free text’ message to a subscriber or group, including WhatsApp (multiple add-ons required)
.Change to APS X provisioning, now with 6 characters for account numbers.
.Allowing APS X provisioning outside STNet
.New user interface for APS in order to see all features in one view.
.Changes to licensing for Maps, Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding.
.Several features require license update in 2.3.1 such as MVP, Whatsapp, and CAM+.

.Added support for Panic alert with geolocation from PIMA Link App.
.Added support for Panic alert with geolocation from AJAX app.
.Improved STReceiver service watchdog to handle multiple running STReceivers.
.Supporting comment tag ^ used for partition in SIA protocol.
.Supporting function/extended blocks in SIA DC-09 from DT42 in both mlr2 and mlr2000 formats.
.Listening to ports only after connected to the database as opposed to as soon as STreceiver is open to prevent losing signals.
.Added support for Zeus SMS modem from Mars-Commerce.
.Changed component for listing incoming traffic which would freeze especially when very high volume of events.

.Change to filtering for installers

MCB Mission Control Board
.Indonesian and Malaysia languages were added in both MCB App and PCB operator interface.
.New MCB App version 2.31 available on PlayStore. Minimum Android is now 7.0
.Several changes for compliance with Android 12.
.Added alarm dispatch to teams/groups from SECURITHOR to MCB app.
.Creation of teams in PCB: several persons can be sent as a team in response to a Mission.
.Team leader and Team members notions added for groups
.In-app Electronic signatures for checkpoints of itineraries. Can make a person finger-sign on the phone.
.Notification of staff arrival 200M from location both in MCB APP and PCB Interface.
.Several reworks of the PCB user interface.


  • Push notifications prior module requires a new set-up and old push notification (Alarm Station app) pre 2.30 will no longer work. Subscribers have to re-entered in new push system.
  • Updates to 2.31 are part of support coverage plans. Only Securithor 2.19 and over are eligible in current support plans.
    Contact MCDI for special arrangements if your Securithor is older than 2.19.
  • Minimum requirements for dispatch is now 1080p


  • Minimum requirements: Win 10 pro, dotNet 4.6.2, 1080p display
  • Compatiblity to Windows 11 is verified.
  • Ensure the latest Windows updates are applied before attempting to install SECURITHOR 2.31
  • Always update SECURITHOR before MCB. Do not forget to update MCB afterwards.
  • It is recommended to use Windows 64 bit when using MVP or MCB.  A minimum of 16GB memory is recommended when using MVP.
  • A fast SSD (write speed over 500Mbps)  is recommended in all cases

Next planned version 2.32 for Q2 2022.

MCDI at London IFSEC 2016

Our General Manager Eric Méthot will be at IFSEC London again this year and will meet several fellow manufacturers and friends such as Eldes, RSI Videofied, Voyager Srl, Europa Security, Fox Sécurité. Our goal at IFSEC it to strengthen our ties with other manufacturers for better integrations and develop new ones. Meeting key customers is also on the agenda to get their suggestions to insure SECURITHOR is the best monitoring option worldwide.

Please skype mcdi-hq or email If you wish to arrange a private meeting at London Excel Centre on June 21,22 or 23rd.