Free AJAX Plug in for SECURITHOR 2.31

We are making our part at MCDI to help Ukraine by giving (yes free!) the AJAX video plug-in in the latest SECURITHOR 2.31.
The goal is to make it easy for everyone to buy Ukrainian products. Namely the AJAX Jeweller Hub and its MotionCam detectors with integrated cameras.

SECURITHOR and our DT42 IP alarm receivers were already able to get alarm signals from AJAX.
With the AJAX Video plugin, the SECURITHOR operators can now view images transmitted by MotionCam by simply clicking a button associated with the alarm event.

Plus all operators of the SECURITHOR 2,31  Network Edition can control AJAX Hub remotely from their Alarm Processing tickets. Arming, Disarming, Home mode and even relay activation are available directly in SECURITHOR Alarm Processing tickets. No need to roll your chair to another screen.

Contact us to add this AJAX Plug-in to your SECURITHOR license or to know how you can get it with your SECURITHOR update.