SECURITHOR is the Swiss knife of alarm monitoring. Now celebrating 15 years, it’s backed by MCDI 30 years experience serving the monitoring community

Contact us to learn more about our data import tools. We can help you migrate your data from your existing software to SECURITHOR.
And we can discuss your requirements no matter if you have 50 sites or 20,000 accounts. And we can show you the countless features of SECURITHOR and Mission Control
The staff that will talk to you are not just salesmen. They are the people that make the product and continue adding to it. SECURITHOR is celebrating 15 years of operation this year. And it’s backed by MCDI’s 30 years of experience developing alarm receivers and monitoring software. Our tech partner Prog 1 can also assist you in developing custom solutions for you. 

SECURITHOR is built with scalability in mind and has a hoist of features no matter the size of your operation. Even if you are doing critical monitoring. SECURITHOR proposes many features yet is one of the most affordable solutions in the industry. SECURITHOR and MCDI customer base vary from small commercial operations to Control Rooms handling fire response of whole emirates.

Have a look at the 2024 Catalogue for more information on the many features and modules of SECURITHOR.