MCDI is moving in April

MCDI’s SECURITHOR TEAM  will be moving to a new building on April 20th 2022.

SECURITHOR support will maintain services as usual. Your support plan contacts remain the same via Skype, WhatsApp and emails.
Our SECURITHOR demos are still available minus some of the demo/camera equipments that will be re-installed in the new building by end of April.

MCDI hardware repair services will be off until we get the new workshop all ready.
Inspections and repairs should resume May 2nd 22.

Please note our new address and ensure all your shipments such as parts and repairs are addressed to

MCDI Security Products Inc. 
6556 Boul. Monk
Montréal QC H4E 3J1
Still the same phone number: +514-481-1067
Our line in Spanish is still available at: +514.487.0441

Please double-check the address on your packages as a re-direction from our old site might add long delays and loss of package is always possible.

MCDI-AJAX Cooperation

MCDI developed an Ajax plugin for two-way integration for the SECURITHOR Alarm Response Software.

MCDI, combined Ajax Translator and Enterprise API to deliver a dedicated plugin that manages security and monitors Ajax systems‘ alarms, including visual verification of alarms, security mode switching and relay control. The Ajax plugin has permanent licenses and is free-of-charge for alarm receiving centres that use the SECURITHOR Alarm Response Software, version 2.31 and higher.

Beyond alarm monitoring

SECURITHOR presents a complete dashboard to operators handling alarm signals along with steps and contacts to process each event. The app automates several tasks like sending emails, SMS and reports to subscribers. With such features, SECURITHOR gained popularity among CMS/ARCs in APAC, Italy, North America, LATAM, and Ukraine.

An Ajax plugin

To make it easy for everyone to use Ukrainian products, MCDI made an effort to establish an even more convenient tool for Ajax integration with their software.

Securithor and DT42ip alarm receivers were already able to get alarm signals from Ajax security systems. And with a free AJAX plugin, the SECURITHOR operators can now view images transmitted by MotionCam detectors by simply clicking a button associated with the alarm event. Plus all operators of the SECURITHOR 2.50 Network Edition can control Ajax hubs remotely. Arming, Disarming, Night Mode and even relay activation are available directly in Securithor Alarm Processing tickets.

Contact MCDI to add this plugin to your SECURITHOR 2,50 license or to know how you can get it with your SECURITHOR update.


Curso Completo sobre SECURITHOR

Centrales de Monitoreo de Alarma, nuevo esquema de negocio y proyección

Certifcation ‘en español’ with SYSCOM nov 19th and nov 20th 10:00 to 13:00 Central Time.
More information and registration at:


Actualice y automatice procesos de su central de monitoreo con el mejor software de monitoreo Securithor.

A quién está dirigido

Centrales de alarmas, empresas integradoras de seguridad electrónica, interesadas en implementar, actualizar y desarrollar un centro de monitoreo de alarmas, para el sector privado o publico en diferentes negocios verticales.


Conocer conceptos básicos y nuevas tendencias en centrales de alarma e identificar modelos de MCDI para implementar y tomar desiciones

Ir al Registro 



– ¿Quién es MCDI?
– Tendencias actuales en centrales de monitoreo
– Principales medios de comunicación
– Nuevo mercado, nuevas generaciones
– Valor agregado de una central de monitoreo/ conectividad
– Principales funciones y características de Securithor
– Respaldo de base de datos
– Instalación de Securithor
– Instalación de licencia
– Preguntas, comentarios

– Configuración de receptoras
– Cuentas
– Ventana de procesamiento
– Tráfico
– Usuarios Operadores
– Códigos de alarma
– Configuración de correo electrónico
– Reportes
– Demostración de módulos adicionales Securithor
– Preguntas, comentarios y examen.

Gracias por registrarse al Webinar Hikvision-Securithor

Gracias por registrarse al Webinar
Gracias por haber completado su registro al Webinar en cooperación con SYSCOM de Securithor del 6 de octubre.
En cooperación con SYSCOM.MX

Tendremos un Webinar el 13 de octubre que también puede interesarle
¡Regístrese aquí!

One year in India

We are distributed in India by our friends and exclusive partners at SHIVAMY TRADEXIM.
It’s already been one year. A quote by one of your countryman comes to mind:
If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
If you want to walk far, walk together.
-Ratan Tata
We hope to see you guys in December 2016 for Delhi’s IFSEC show.
With Shivamy Tradexim during Mumbai show

With Shivamy Tradexim during Mumbai show

Ganesh Chaturthi at Shivamy Tradexim

Ganesh Chaturthi at Shivamy Tradexim