New SECURITHOR version 2.50 brings many new features

New SECURITHOR version 2.50 is a major update that brings many new features. Main features you will notice in 2.50 are the ability to open  multiple camera channels simultaneously in MCDI viewers and images from video detection available with Push Notification/Verification. That is images from the likes of Ajax Motioncam, Camect, Dahua AirShied PIRcam, EPCOM AX, EBS Ava Pro, Hikvision AX Pro PIRcam, Monitoreal and Ultinous are available with Notifications sent to subscribers by your SECURITHOR.

2.50 is currently installed at testing sites and will be available during September 2023 for ST1 users with a support plan. Network Edition users will get the update during the second wave at the end of fall.

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New integrations

New integrations

New integration with Ultinous adds more alarms from video analysis. SECURITHOR CAM+ speaks with all 3 products: U-Safe, U-Alarm and U-Filter.  The 3 products from Ultinous report alarms from Motion Detection and Video Analysis to SECURITHOR with image confirmations.

Our Monitoreal integration was enhanced with a magic button opening the Monitoreal Security Assistant directly from the alarm processing image view.

Camera health checks by Ai-RGUS service are now available to STC camera listener. Ai-RGUS service checks your cameras and NVR and reports failures to SECURITHOR.  Their service covers many aspects of camera health: image quality, framing, space left in memory, etc…

We are thrilled to have the new Dahua AirShield compatible with DT42 but also to have SECURITHOR CAM+ module showing the images transmitted from PIRcam. These images can be sent to Verficathor push verifications as well.

VETTI panels are now supported in DT42 which reports to SECURITHOR 2.50.


DT42v2 receivers

.Web session time-out setting added
.Connection to TEXECOM Monitor officially added in cooperation with TEXECOM
.Texecom IPcom legacy protocol (beta)
.VETTI protocol added
.Limitations of IP formats and number of accounts for OEM/resellers
.Wrong transmission logs
.Complete rework of DT42 Android app for DT42gb with multiple new features such as the icon for alarm type, a panic button for guards, note with picture upload, and filtered notifications to multiple users (September).
.Support for non standard characters in DC-09  (brand selective, verify with MCDI).

== SECURITHOR 2.50 ==

-allowing the user to open multiple channels initially. Pre-selection of the channels opening for account and device.
-improvement in memory usage
-rework or Hikvision and Dahua SDK as self-contained components separated from SECURITHOR.

==Click To Dial Module==
-sip incoming call updated to show arm/disarm/disable status of the accounts matching the Caller ID.
-sip incoming call updated to show active alarms (with type icon) of the accounts matching the Caller ID.
-incoming call account list click to jump to account in account management.
-active alarm icon clicks to alarm processing.
-added grace button to keep the incoming call windows alive passed 60s
-added close button for URfog
-added call duration to event comments.


-PostgreSQL updated in new installations for enhanced Multi-Threading and updated handling of time zones
-URFog/Activecloud is available in MVP and from alarm processing with the 2 way control module
-alarm processing ticket and video viewer stay on even if reference image data is corrupted
-allowing service orders when there is no technician name
-modifications to traffic limiter. Can be disabled/overridden
-changed the logic of account emails and group swapping when swapping accounts
-added a close button for urfog on top of the widget
-using location in source if an event is a panic for MCB
-several camera brands run as external app thus getting access to more memory
-Update to several SDK: Hikvision, Dahua, TVT, GSD, Uniview
-calling external executables for STvideo which will allow for Securithor 2.6 to run completely as x64
-added remote control of Visonic version 9 app
-changed task schedules for the recording of the expiration date
-allowing the user to open multiple camera channels initially in selected viewers
-improved maps and plans memory disposal
-added additional protection against deleting the default city which causes problems afterwards
-added call duration to event comments
-split sms messages into 3 templates: sms, push and WhatsApp
-displaying textual representation in traffic for event type and status
-including service order name and notes in the service order email
-allowing Unified Platform release to change skins
-refreshing plan and map if changes are made on another station
-showing proper active event count based on operator group restriction
-calling external executables for STvideo which allows some camera brands to run as X64
-changed users and email sharing to share with groups instead of sharing globally to allow for better privacy
-restricting and displaying a message about complete software lockdown 7 days after license expiration
-added additional protection against deleting the default city which causes problems afterwards
-showing active event count based on operator group restriction
-calling external executables for STvideo which will allow for SECURITHOR to run as x64
-using location in the source if the event is a panic for MCB
-changed users and email sharing to share with groups instead of sharing globally to allow for better privacy.

== FSG ==
Add-on module for duplicate output of alarm feed to third part
In cooperation with technological partner Prog 1 Inc.

-FSG runs as a service
-Cesa (FSK) converted to SIA
-log of sent alarms
-0utputs: IP or serial
-selection of serial or IP output
-email sending on service start/stop, parsing error/system error/filter error
-filter out of accounts and/or alarm codes
-multiple FSG per Securithor.
-adding code conversion in Contact ID from digit.

==MVP /Live Map View and Plans ==
In cooperation with technological partner Prog 1 Inc.
Live Map shows active alarms and arm/disarm/disable status of sites on maps.
From maps, you can access site plans and process alarms.

-improved maps and plans memory disposal
-added arrows for moving from one plan to the previous/next
-added links between plans (control-click on preset items)
-changed for SVG icons with sharing (solids should be preferred)
-location of closest MCB staff placed in alarm card.
-refreshing plan and map if changes are made on another station
-enable plan export
-added URfog to plans
-added tooltip URfog and coverage
-update to unplaced count
-fixed loading corrected plan from removed plan item
-validate if fog device is still available
-improved plan loading speed.
-improved sticker type update and delete
-added sub-plans
-changed alert dialogue not to block is showing in the background
-fixed plan item name and note not updating (for ST 2.42)
-added links between objects and another plan
-added 2 levels to module choice: STL 200 partitions ST1 800 partitions STS 1500 partitions
-added test font and colour selection
-change the display of camera name: chanelID-chanelname (camera name)
-double click on plan item switches to edit mode.

==STC Camera listener (as an add-on module since 2.5.0)==
Major additions: alarms and confirmation images from Dahua AirShield and Ultinous
STC handles signals from several cameras/NVRs sending alarms from motion detection and video analysis.
-added event logs for STC and HPC
-added magic button from Monitoreal for accessing the hub without credentials (via image column in traffic)
-added support for test signals by Monitoreal
-support for Ai-RGUS camera health check service in STC. Contact Ai-RGUS to contract service.
-support for Ultinous in STC: U-Alarm, U-Safe, U-Filter
-fix Hikvision casting error (by HIK) in STC
-handling Camect heartbeats
-STC can now be set as a service.


-added Whatsapp licensing
-added Monitoreal licensing
-added option to change About and Privacy policy link for APS X and VERIFICATHOR
-added option to skip backing up camera feeds which makes backup utilisation very big
-fixed problem sending missed detection by push notification
-fixed problem with some push notification events not getting deleted after expiration-added support for Moxa relays  (custom work)
-added license auto-downloaded from MCDI server.

-changed ETA (Email to Alarm) module email reception component to a different one. Old one outdated for new security measures of some email providers
-added Dahua PIR alarm reception. Images associated via CAM+
-TCP alarm are now acknowledged at first signal because there is no use waiting for retries on error
-improved SMS transmission speed by about 10x
-improved mlr2/2000 tolerance for non-standard formats. ex multiple partitions in the same alarm.

==ST Video==
In cooperation with technological partner Prog 1 inc.
Some items are in CAM+ while others are in STC camera listener-changed action when Idis unable to connect
-limit action when user double clicks on the second column channels
-multiple cameras opening simultaneously in selected MCDI viewers
-adjusted feed panels to 16:9 ratio
-changed action to zoom back and forth channels vs thumbnails
-fixed bug where the 1 panel selection (in ST 2.42) is set where there are 2 feeds instead of 4 panels
-using latest Dahua sdk and running as x64 to display large number of high-resolution cameras
-double clicking on a video frame to get a single frame then resizing it
-set-up of image reference moved to viewer.

-behaviour change:  email changes not requiring to press the save button
-changed the refresh rate of the email list on the contact page
-removed the need to enter an email id (which the operator shouldn’t have to) when creating a new email
-changed user and email sharing to use groups instead of globally shared
-added account name directly to traffic view
-added push notification settings in account management.

==Coming additions in 2.5x ==
-Support for GSD cameras and NVR
-TVT SDK update
-New filters in TLC (SMS to alarms) to remove variable parts of messages. Such as removing time.

Some features require purchasing add-on modules.
Verify with MCDI if the add-on is included in your SECURITHOR or needs to be purchased.

The addition of some features might require hardware requirements to be reviewed. Please consult with MCDI.

NOTES:  starting at 2.20, the display size requirements are 1920 x 1080 pixels for both SECURITHOR and MCB.
Updates are available for SECURITHOR licensees that have support coverage with sufficient support allocation time remaining to install.
Map service for APS X and MCB is included in annual support plans.



  • minimum requirements: Win 10 or 11 pro, dotNet 4.6.2.
  • ensure the latest Windows updates are run on the client’s PCs before attempting to install the SECURITHOR or MCB to minimize the chances of getting an error. In some cases, you need to run Windows Update several times as it will not show or download all updates in one shot.
  • last version supported in annual plans is 2.30. Consult with MCDI if you have a version below 2.30


Database maintenance: why it’s important

Every version of  SECURITHOR runs with PostgreSQL under the hood. Various versions have been used over the years but they there is a compatibility between versions used by Securithor. We adjust it when we do updates.

One thing remains constant for each PostgreSQL: regular maintenance is needed. Like a car that needs an oil change, tire rotation and alignment, your database must be checked and maintained regularly for smooth operation.

Your database is a living organism that grows each time you add an alarm event or change an account in your SECURITHOR. As most SECURITHOR sites are live systems and operations that have a low tolerance for downtime, it’s best to have an expert that made your Securithor run the procedures. It will minimize the risk of error and will make the operation much faster. As the saying goes; don’t try this at home. You might damage your database! And any change you make to it will render it incompatible with any update, and make any intervention considerably longer and costier.

Database maintenance improves its efficiency. Mainly by deleting redundant and useless data. It removes bottlenecks, resource contention and generally helps with performance. The first sign you will notice is the database size might shrink a lot. The smaller size makes for faster operation.

All database maintenance operations are part of the support plan we propose. They also include updates to the latest version. Not only does this include new features of Securithor, it often includes SQL updates. As the updates are planned, it’s easier to run maintenance at the same time. It reduces the downtime to make both operations simultaneously vs in 2 different occasions.

As for the time required to do the maintenance and the update, it depends on many factors: the size of the db is dictated by number of accounts and number of events, plus the performance of the server. And a big factor is the time since the last maintenance. A wait of many months or a year might mean 1-2 hours of downtime when maintenance is needed. Sometimes more if it’s on data recovery.

Every Securithor comes with an initial support plan that includes updates we publish during the period. That support plan can be extended on a yearly basis. That’s the best way to ensure the uptime of your Securithor and that’s it’s updated for the environment you work with such as Windows OS and Mail Servers. Contact us to renew your support coverage. It’s always better to have a support plan already in place. It’s like car assurance. It covers you if you have an accident but you are helpless if you have an accident without the assurance coverage already in place.
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