Update 2.5.3 brings new features

As usual, a new version of SECURITHOR brings many new features and tuning of favourites.
A large update was also made to DT42 as we are launching the companion app GuardBooth for DT42gb.
The VERIFICATHOR app was redesigned for iOS17 and Android 14 with a focus on easier navigation of push notifications and push verifications. Several images and videos are now available as event proofs with the Push Verification service.

In this Change list:
DT42 firmware
DT42GB and the GuardBooth app
STC Video listener
MVP Map View and Plans – Live Map
Previous change list 2.51


SECURITHOR version 2.5.1 => 2.5.3

DT42 (all variants), firmware 2.9.13 and over

  • added compatibility with STANIOT panels.
  • added compatibility with SECURY360 video analytics system. With support of video clip sent as event proof.
  • clickable link for Secury-360 video clip in the Extra blocks section of alarm details
  • addition of IMEI support for ELDES protocol
  • changes for support of images from Dahua Airshield PIR detectors with cameras.
  • changes to Trikdis UDP for compatibility with new models.
  • changes in IP reception for INIM proprietary syntax
  • a new system notification message is added
  • rework of the panel error section including daily logs.
  • feature to restore settings from the file
  • Auto backup to internal SD card
  • manual backup to internal SD card on-demand
  • backup restore from file, to transfer from another DT42
  • current firmware version for v2 is now 2.9.13 System version 2.5.7/3.3
  • backup restore from file, to transfer from another DT42
  • tuning of firmware update for enhanced stability
  • addition of Texecom  ComIP and ComGSM ‘as a courtesy**’
  • support of Arabic characters in alarm description
  • a new password retrieval tool is added for the admin user

DT42GB for Guard Booths with the Guardbooth app:

  • FLIC button is compatible with the GuardBooth App. GuardBooth Assistance/Panic button can be triggered by the paired FLIC button. The bearer geolocation is also sent to DT42gb/SECURITHOR. FLIC is available directly from Shortcut Labs, the makers of FLIC
  • compatibility with the GuardBooth app published on the Play Store. With the GuardBooth app, up to 5 users can receive notifications of incoming alarms from DT42. Codes and accounts can be filtered to send selected notifications.  Staff can see alarm details and write intervention notes along with images. This compatibility between DT42gb and GuardBooth app is for units manufactured starting in March 2024.
  • company info entered in DT42GB is viewed in app.
  • selected image and video proofs sent with alarm events accessible from the app
  • behaviour change of Assistance/Panic button added in GuardBooth app: report up to 3 minutes if not moving, and faster if moving more than 40M.
  • rework of the User configuration for GuardBooth App
  • added user account restriction: user can be restricted or excluded from a range of accounts

STC Video listener

  • compatibility with Monitoreal SPARTAN tested including images to Push Verification Service
  • the Monitoreal magic button is back from traffic and alarm processing!


  • compatibility with Paradox IPC10 receiver tested with Paradox
  • added SECURY360 to STReceiver device list (requires CAM+ module for image view)
  • improved surgard parsing
  • graphical changes to the interface for enhanced clarity.


  • new user interface design and multiple enhancements for both iOS 17 and Android 14. Published on the Playstore and Appstore.
  • added compatibility with SECURY360 and video images with Push Notifications
  • changes to translations in several languages.
MVP* Map View and Plans module: Live Map and Plan Editor
  • new links to accounts and partitions in the alarm events cards of Live Map
  • opening event location on Live Map in addition to being able to go to partition if the event doesn’t have a GPS location
  • panic/mobile alarm is set at the location on map of the app bearer instead of the account’s. With a view of closests MCB staff by order of distance (with skillset)
  • added more filters for MCB Mission Control staff on map
  • Preventing double clicks on arrows in plan navigation in order not to skip one.

SECURITHOR and MCB Mission Control Board

  • MCB 2.5 Mission Control Board app reloaded on PlayStore with several enhancements for Android 14.
  • VERIFICATHOR app was reposted on both iOS and PlayStore with several graphic enhancements. More image proofs were added to Push Verification Service and from Monitoreal, SECURY360 , Hikvsion PIRcam, Dahua Airshield and AJAX Motioncam.
  • added option to include camera images for event emails like for push notifications. This new feature is added to automatic emails triggered by receipt of an alarm code. This adds a link to the same images found in the traffic Camera column when using the CAM+ module.
  • URFOG compact line of foggers are tested with our ActiveCloud integration. BAT300 model and Compact 390 for smaller rooms can be activated by SECURITHOR operators with the 2 way module (free in update 2.5.3 during March/April 2024).
  • installing STCReceiver automatically
  • installing FSG component automatically regardless if STReceiver is installed
  • improved update procedure to improve success with older version
  • fixed auto process while in FollowUp condition where it could process alarm from another account (from Verificathor app)
  • the same event can be sent in all conditions as a push notification and an MCB Mission: added push notification follow-up possibilities when it’s also sent as mission:
  • auto alarm dispatch: tuning of conditions to automatically dispatch alarms to MCB, without operator operation.
  • added the possibility to select a font size that has a comma instead of a number
  • fixed problem sending auto arm/disarm (specific to Italia)
  • added a special condition if the periodic test alarm code is improperly shown as linked to a schedule (specific to French Guadeloupe)
  • changed shortcut key for English Operation: F4 opens pending/followup while F5 opens Accounts
  • message in Verificathor is labelled a Push notification or a Push Verification instead of a general ‘verification’ label.
  • group messaging now has an event ID and is now visible in the Verificathor app.
  • improved auto processing of alarm triggered by auto arm/disarm
  • improved remote panel arm/disarm of PowerManage v9. Visonic specific features (as a courtesy**)
  • added user and email info when copying to a new account
  • showing seconds for start time in the pending follow-up section
  • replaced arm/disarm red and green box with icons in account management and alarm processing.
  • added 2 custom statuses triggered by alarm reception, status showed in account management, alarm processing ticket and Partitions List. The 2 additional statuses can be added to accounts such as knowing an account’s last power failure/restore. The 2 icons are chosen by the Central in Settings.
  • and finally, a new column was added to the Partitions List: the last event received for the partition is listed so you can easily check when did an account last reported.


*Product developed by tech partner P1
**As a courtesy products are ‘as they are’. Support is not provided for the product or the feature.
N.B.: 2.5.2 is specific to some customers. Not widely distributed.
Previous change list 2.51

Roll out of 2.5.3 is made starting with new installations.
Then STL, ST1, STS with database import in order of complexity.
Updates are made as part of support plans and are performed by MCDI staff.
Please contact your MCDI rep to know if you have update rights and to schedule the update.