One year in India

We are distributed in India by our friends and exclusive partners at SHIVAMY TRADEXIM.
It’s already been one year. A quote by one of your countryman comes to mind:
If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
If you want to walk far, walk together.
-Ratan Tata
We hope to see you guys in December 2016 for Delhi’s IFSEC show.
With Shivamy Tradexim during Mumbai show

With Shivamy Tradexim during Mumbai show

Ganesh Chaturthi at Shivamy Tradexim

Ganesh Chaturthi at Shivamy Tradexim

ELDES Receivers added in SECURITHOR

SECURITHOR v2.1.0 brings new receiver definitions for Eldes ESR100 and EGR100. Both Eldes Alarm Receivers now easily connect to SECURITHOR‘S STreceiver.



A simple drop down menu allows to select them and configuration is easy. Straight forward parameters and your are done in a minute. The alarm signals will appear in STreceiver and in SECURITHOR traffic grid for processing.

Contact MCDI Staff to know more about the advantages of SECURITHOR 2.1.0

Android notification app posted on Play Store

Alarm Station App is now posted on Google Play Store. The app is used to register subscriber phones to the Push Notification System now included with WAM for SECURITHOR. WAM is the Web Access Module offered by many Central Station to their subscribers. With WAM they can now send Push Notifications  to their subscribers Android phones and Tablets.

Android Notifications are fast and flexible. Like emails and SMS, they are sent when SECURITHOR receives selected alarm signals. They have great advantages on Emails and SMS: no hourly or daily limits from provider and unlikc SMS there is no cost per message.

Subscribers only need to register to your WAM server by using the Alarm Station App. They will get notifications even when their phones are sleeping. Android automatically wakes up phones to display the Notification from your Central Station.

Alarm Station app is available in English, Español, French, Deutsch, Greek, Malaysian (Bahasa), Portuguese, Romanian, Simplified Chinese. More languages to come.

Alarm Station App is also available to private labels.

Contact MCDI staff to discuss how you could add this exciting new feature to your SECURITHOR Monitoring Station.

Notifications to Android Phone added to WAM

Starting June 1st 2016, all SECURITHOR 2.1.0 with WAM (Web Access Module)  will receive a new feature: Notifications to Android phones and Tablets.

Contact or skype mcdi-hq to get this exciting new features for free.