More compatibility for DT42 ip receivers

Big week for DT42. We confirmed support for several manufacturers for our IP receivers.

-We tested with with INIM for SmarLiving and Prime models.

-More testing with STRATEL our SEA Distributor for:

.SECOLINK Pas816, LAN800 Module, GSV5, GSV6U gprs module
.SUPA  L16 (lan)

That brings the total of confirmed brands and models to 48!!!!
And makes DT42 the most universal IP receiver. No other brings you as much confirmed compatibilities. Contact us to know more or if you want to test more brands.

DT42 is available in several variant for ip receiving and ip+PSTN and Guard booths. Model DT42gb is especially made for operation in Guard booths. It comes with a 4000 accounts database and a companion Android app to read alarm codes and for staff to write comments on each.

SECURITHOR connecting Bosch D6100 Alarm Receiver

SECURITHOR is now handling alarm signals from Bosch D6100 through IP connection. The IP connection is standard in SECURITHOR 2.1.6 while serial connection is available to all SECURITHOR V2 since 2015.
The IP connection now brings new possibilities such as connecting from a  remote location.

Contact MCDI or your SECURITHOR power centre to get SECURITHOR or learn how you can update your SECURITHOR Alarm Software.  Thanks to Mathieu Racine at Novytec to make this possible. SECURITHOR Works with Bosch D6100

One year in India

We are distributed in India by our friends and exclusive partners at SHIVAMY TRADEXIM.
It’s already been one year. A quote by one of your countryman comes to mind:
If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
If you want to walk far, walk together.
-Ratan Tata
We hope to see you guys in December 2016 for Delhi’s IFSEC show.
With Shivamy Tradexim during Mumbai show

With Shivamy Tradexim during Mumbai show

Ganesh Chaturthi at Shivamy Tradexim

Ganesh Chaturthi at Shivamy Tradexim

ELDES Receivers added in SECURITHOR

SECURITHOR v2.1.0 brings new receiver definitions for Eldes ESR100 and EGR100. Both Eldes Alarm Receivers now easily connect to SECURITHOR‘S STreceiver.



A simple drop down menu allows to select them and configuration is easy. Straight forward parameters and your are done in a minute. The alarm signals will appear in STreceiver and in SECURITHOR traffic grid for processing.

Contact MCDI Staff to know more about the advantages of SECURITHOR 2.1.0