More compatibility for DT42 ip receivers

Big week for DT42. We confirmed support for several manufacturers for our IP receivers.

-We tested with with INIM for SmarLiving and Prime models.

-More testing with STRATEL our SEA Distributor for:

.SECOLINK Pas816, LAN800 Module, GSV5, GSV6U gprs module
.SUPA  L16 (lan)

That brings the total of confirmed brands and models to 48!!!!
And makes DT42 the most universal IP receiver. No other brings you as much confirmed compatibilities. Contact us to know more or if you want to test more brands.

DT42 is available in several variant for ip receiving and ip+PSTN and Guard booths. Model DT42gb is especially made for operation in Guard booths. It comes with a 4000 accounts database and a companion Android app to read alarm codes and for staff to write comments on each.

More for Mission Control Board

MCB Mission Control board 1.2  brings BIG features: We added scans of QR Codes and NFC Tags for Checkpoints. Each time you send staff to visit a location, you can add this scan to confirm presence. Not only will you have the gps log confirmation, you will also have a second confirmation of presence with the scan of QR or NFC.
We also added the authorized Geofencing. This is a plus if you need to place staff for a mandate such as guarding a bank. With the geofencing you will know if they leave the premises. Contact us to schedule a demo of MCB and discuss how it can work for your mobile staff.
MCB is the perfect companion to SECURITHOR. You can track your mobile staff with the MCB app and dispatch response directly from SECURITHOR. Several features left you geofence staff, pair them to vehicles, or plan guard tours, delivery or pickup itineraries.
MCB is available as plug-in for SECURITHOR or as stand alone version MCB Go!

CHANGES MCB Mission Control Board 1.0 => 1.2

MCB Android app
  • Improvement to notification speed and readability.
  • App speed improved
  • Added some internal notifications for upload of report and attachments
  • Added link to maps to view restricted or authorized zone from notification.
  • New markers to show new mission or itinerary
  • Detection of authorized zone per guard with notification each 3 minutes if out of zone.
  • Disconnection detection
  • Scan of QRcode or NFC for checkpoints. (NFC requires compatible phone)
  • Improvements to detection routine
  • Added some detection and warning when location service is off
  • Tested compatibility with Android X on Google Phones

PCB (PC interface for MCB)

  • Faster response of interface (database and MCB Server improvements)
  • Various improvements to viewing of dashboard
  • Filtering options added in Dashboard
  • Major rework for checkpoint report emailing.
  • Geofencing of authorized perimeter, with schedule
  • Changes to report section to add a pdf report
  • Addition of tags (QR Code and NFC tags) to Checkpoints.
  • Dual role for staff: patrol and/or installer
  • Map and geocoding changed to location IQ MCDI account. Maps included with support coverage.
  • Layout improvement for notification tab.
  • Employee number is now unique.
  • Larger input field for SSN (Italian long values)
  • Exporting archive to pdf
  • Sending attachments with missions

TCB Android app (New)

New TCB Android app to send tag registgration/installation jobs for QRcode and NFC tags. 
PC side: lists and assigns jobs

Windows 7 sp1

As Microsoft announced Final End of Support for Windows 7 in January 2020, MCDI is recommending to install new SECURITHOR on Windows 10 pro instead.

While installed Securithor will continue to work for sometimes on Windows 7, it makes technical support more difficult due to lack of technological updates by Microsoft.

To note, 2020 updates of Securithor v2 might not be compatible with Windows 7 as they will require a higher technological level.

It’s time to say goodbye to an old friend

It’s time to say goodbye to an old friend, Securithor v1.
We launched V1 over 10 years ago.
While v1 had thousands of users at the height of v1, most of them elected to upgrade to Securithor v2 during the last 5 years.
Microsoft is also announcing the discontinuation of support for windows 7, the original OS or v1.
This tells us it’s time to move on.
We will not provide technical support to the operation or re-installation for Securithor v1 after October 15th 2019.
2019/10/15  will be considered as the End Of Life for Securithor v1.

We will retain the ability to provide licenses should the need arise.

You can contact our sales staff at to look into upgrades to Securithor v2.
MCDI can migrate the database of a Securithor v1 to a Securithor v2 as part of the purchase of v2.
For more information contact or skype: mcdi-hq ph: +514-481-1067

Update for APS Help Module

As of June 25th 2018, most FTP servers in the world deprecated support for TLS v1.0 and 1.1 for safety reasons.
TLS is a protocol for encrypting data when connecting between client and server.

This move by the IEFT (Internet Engineering Task force) has impact on your Securithor if you are using the APS Help Module.

APS uses TLS to upload encrypted provisioning codes that are retrieved by your Subscribers to setup their APS apps.

If you have APS Module for your Securithor, provisioning of accounts might not work anymore since June 25th.

Fortunately, if you have Securithor 2.1.5, 2.1.6 or 2.1.7, MCDI has a an update for you. Contact MCDI staff to get the update for your APS.

It’s a simple component update that takes a few minutes. It’s available free of charge when you have a MCDI support plan.

For versions older than 2.1.5,  you need to make a full update to either 2.1.5 or 2.1.7. Contact MCDI staff to review options and plan this update.