New features in SECURITHOR 2.19

Update 2.1.9 brings many features. And it’s one of our update with the most integrations with third part manufacturers:  Remote arming/disarming of M2M SERVICES  devices, Vivotek cameras, TWIG personal and emergency pendants,  Visonic panels with images, ACC Avigilon 6, Bosch Cloud Based Services, Vanderbilt, etc…

One major new features is now available for 2.1.7: ETA. Email to Alarms. Brings the ability to convert an email to an alarm event. One major feature of ETA is the ability to join the emails attached image or audio/video file to the alarm event. This brings a whole new range of possibilities from getting image confirmation of IOT devices to getting voice messages from panels.

Major technological updates for:
TLS 1.2 compatibility (all ftp uploads from Securithor).
Major change to Maps services for APS: change of provider following the cessation of service by Open Street Map
Push Notification Services are now using the new Google Firebase following their closing of previous GCM.

Updates are available for free with our annual support plans. They not only provide updates but also maintenance of your database, technological updates and emergency interventions. Contact MCDI to get your support coverage!




  • Hikvision and Dahua talk update for new sdk
  • Vivotek cameras and NVRs added to the CAM+ module. Includes 2 way voice and relay activation on selected models.
  • Connection to Bosch CBS Platform and video viewing in CAM+ module
  • Viewing Visnap image in Securithor with CAM+ module
  • New ETA Email to Alarm Module: Receives email and converts key elements to account and alarm codes. Joins attachment images and sound files to alarm events.
  • added Swedish, Arabic and Norwegian languages to core Securithor
  • improvements to failover to make it more user friendly (second destination pre-provisioned)
  • restricted database update to prevent database problems when a different version of Securithor connects and modifies the database
  • Minimum .Net Framework is now 4.5.2



  • added Bosch cloud based alarm reception (CAM premium)
  • added interface to Bosch CBS video platform (CAM Premium)
  • added Visnap from Visonic alarm reception (CAM Premium)
  • added Email reception module (email parsing and attachments which can then be viewed or listen to in Traffic (option))
  • added Omnitouch SMS
  • added new Clickatell API
  • added Avigilon 6 UDP alarm reception (option)
  • added bridge to ACC 6 Avigilon 6 (option)
  • added support for new SMS format transmitted by APS (APS version 2.1.12)
  • added Twig over SMS (option)
  • added Twig over GPRS (option)
  • added Vanderbilt alarm reception (requires DT42)
  • improved SMS queue clearing
  • improved support for SIA4 for System 5.
  • changed behaviour for infinite transmission of the same alarm when the alarm is faulty and receiver keeps reconnecting before re-attempting
  • allowing international language characters in the appended description sent to in SIA format




  • changed replication tool for database folder not on C drive (requires Live Backup option)
  • Secondary IP pre-provisioned for Live Backup failover



  • allow reports to be sent in xlsx format
  • enforcing generating a report at least once before the user is allowed to save a scheduled report in order to give an idea of the length of time required
  • changed reports to display email address in scheduled report after reopening the report to make changes
  • changed report filtering when a field with special characters for: groups, installer name, city, address, postal code



  • added {tax} wildcard
  • added feature where APS Configuration now allows modifying old provisions
  • added feature where APS Configuration can supply email settings and added 3 new codes for Roadside,Medical,Fire
  • added upper limit of archive months to prevent archives ballooning in size. the archive keeps a range of months now. ex: 6th ago to 12month ago
  • added TLS 1.1/1.2 compatibility to APS
  • allowing changing aps expiration date even if not permanent license. Max date = expiration date
  • improved replication malfunction detection
  • improved audit trail populating when there’s large data
  • improved pre-alarm video download
  • improved running scheduled reports on a different thread to not block alarm parsing and processing when a huge report is scheduled
  • renamed Mobile Panic Configuration to APS Configuration
  • improved behavior of  scheduled report with groups
  • improved {d-} wildcard missing zone information
  • improved behavior when sending multiple scheduled reports using the same template
  • improved behavior when sending an sms to empty destination
  • improvements to Email Management when resending and deleting emails
  • improved replication malfunction detection
  • preventing any alarm from crippling STNet. Moving forward, an alarm causing an error with be auto processed and tagged with [ERROR] in the description



  • added translation to traffic quick print window
  • added mechanism for auto reconnection to the DB without causing errors for unstable connections
  • added feature to remote arm/disarm M2M MiNi01 and Visonic devices/panels
  • added fire,burglary and technical alarm codes to template importer
  • added SIP audio save location is now part of DB to allow setting a shared location for all stations to access recordings
  • added channel auto retrieve and populating of channels for hikvision, dahua, tvt, powermanage
  • added feature to play image files in a slideshow instead of opening the folder
  • added option to set prealarm and stream quality per dvr/nvr entry in account management.
  • showing account and partition name in account management title bar.
  • showing partition name in account selection list (allowing search by partition name).
  • added rights to modify account management remote panel settings.
  • added rights to view express/complete section in traffic, view operator comments section in traffic.
  • added option to keep a video feed open even after processing the alarm
  • added option to force SIP recording so the operator doesn’t forget and for accountability
  • added extreme visual alert which essentially paints a big red box to capture the attention of the operator if they can’t hear the sound
  • added Avigilon 6 bridge to viewer (ACC^ module)
  • added HikConnect SDK (CAM Premium)
  • added of Focus H&S DVR  (CAM Premium)
  • added new TVT SDK and bridge to viewer – no recording as supplyer needs to fix a bug  (CAM Premium)
  • added clicking the play button to review saved audio recording and video recording now opens a viewer instead of the folder for most cameras. (exception: avigilon, hikconnect)
  • added option to enter a video feed decryption key for Hikvision/HikConnect
  • added email sending of traffic quick reports
  • added quick print from Traffic and Alarm Processing can now use report layout created in reports
  • added option to force video recording
  • added opening a video in account management now auto records feed as well and creates a VOD alarm for keeping track of operator actions and also for verification
  • added option to create spontaneous SMS during alarm processing just like Email
  • added uploading of image in alarm processing for MCB
  • clearing alarm code filter when adding a new code to prevent confusion about if the code was added and auto filtered out of list or not
  • starting MCB Server program if meant to be ran on same machine
  • adjustments made to start time of playback with camera system time to show feed at the proper time when mismatched
  • TVT channels forced to start from 1 instead of 0 now
  • changed cameralistener alarm codes and appending channel with the alarms
  • initial selection in traffic is now the active alarms view
  • forcing account management GPS field to decimal format for MCB
  • Added SIP support for TCP in specific networks.
  • Camera channel list allows changing accounts or tabs
  • Changed licensing considerations for partition counting when accounts are limited.
  • Change group membership to allow select and save in account management when using the search to filter groups before making a selection.
  • Changed partial renumbering of an account # when it contains several partitions
  • Changes to use permission to display some account access when processing alarms.
  • Changed network path to allow more SIP recorded calls
  • Skype CTD prefix additions

CHANGES SECURITHOR 2.1.9 => 2.2.0 


  • added camera reference image in CAM+ for MCDI viewers (all except: Avigilon, ONVIF, Visonic, Frontel, Davantis, RTSP, HTTP)
  • added credentials for RTSP camera connection
  • added support for all wildcards in comment templates instead of only 3
  • added operator name and address to email/sms/push template wildcards
  • added email list selection to traffic quick report (if traffic is filtered by account)
  • added option to type a custom email when presenting user with the email list selection during alarm processing and traffic quick report
  • added support for Vivotek connected cameras (CAM+)
  • showing installers and groups in a textbox instead of tooltip in alarm processing window
  • minor improvements to Failover switching
  • added button to trigger output device (peripheral) for Visonic and M2M (M2M 2 way module)
  • added feature to automatically arm/disarm based on schedule if the attempt fails, the missed detection alarm will still function as usual but delayed during the period while the scheduler attempts to force the stat change. (specific to Italia)
  • simplified Remote Panel Gateway requiring only 1 gateway per type (M2m and PowerManage)
  • added support for Davantis connected cameras (Davantis Module)
  • added Ukranian translation
  • Click To Dial update to better support 3CX
  • Click To Dial provides better feedback on the status of calling each line and recording
  • rework of TVT following correction of SDK by TVT. Added error trapping.
  • added column “Active Options” column to alarm codes table, this shows you visually what options are used by an alarm code without having to select the alarm code to see. The option are: AutoType,ServiceOrder,Attachment,CameraChannel,Schedule,Emails,Sms,Push,Actions. Also clicking the option brings you to the section to make changes
  • change actions list Process button in alarm processing to Comment
  • changed APS map views from OSM (service deprecated by OSM) to MCDI LocationIQ account. Access supplied while support coverage is maintained.
  • when an operator is viewing an account, other operators will see the account as locked. In anticipation for added auto refresh feature because currently, you need to exit account and re-open account management to see changes made to accounts on other stations
  • fixed map pin not showing for GPS with negative latitude in South America
  • remote panels added to licensing
  • protection against saving blank deadman timeout
  • improved traffic events displaying when the operator is restricted to a group
  • change to account status colour in account management not showing when accounts are disabled.
  • added copying of untilcode and untilduration when copying an account/partition
  • added new option in operator management to require the operator to leave a comment
  • added About section to securithor to see some license features
  • starting this version, Securithor will not run if the update did not perform correctly and completely
  • added new service order wildcards for ServiceOrderNumber(ID), PartitionName, PartitionNumber. Also added service order ID column to list of service list window
  • added support contract expiry date to About form and Securithor bottom status bar
  • added button to show hide operator password
  • automatically copying actions,email,sms,push of the last alarm in the list when creating a new one
  • zones, users and user phone numbers list now respect the list order. can be reordered by drag & drop
  • traffic and history print section now supports use of comment templates wit ht he (+) shortcut


  • improved tolerance to bad incoming alarms
  • type Access alarms are forced to match user not zone (like Arm/Disarm)
  • improved pre-alarm download
  • improved report emailing
  • automatically retrying failed emails 3 times instead of just once


  • supporting SIA with Unicode characters
  • added support for Roel Xguard
  • improved SMS decoding
  • added support for Twig personal pendant device
  • added support for Mayday personal pendant device
  • added support for Honeywell AlarmNet
  • added support for Davantis alarms
  • added support for T61-EHS5 SMS modem (outbound)
  • improved tolerance for bad incoming alarms
  • improved ATCP/RTCP reporting to Securithor after the remote device reconnects


  • multiple changes related to group filtering to add some impermeability
  • adjustments to partition zone report
  • user report now shows more than 1 phone number

N.B.: Several modules are not part of the SECURITHOR installer and must be purchased, deployed or activated by MCDI.
Add-on modules are not part of Core Securithor and might require payment for activation. Contact us at skype: mcdi-hq
Maps display, Geocoding, FTP services are covered by respective support plans of Securithor or MCB. Service may stop without support coverage payment.
Apps featured on PlayStore or Appstore are always posted for the latest published version and might not be compatible with prior versions of SECURITHOR.