Bridge between FRONTEL and SECURITHOR

A bridge from Frontel>SECURITHOR>Frontel is now available for Securithor version 2. This high level integration allows jumping from one software to the other to process alarm signals more efficiently. Frontel receives alarm signals from Videofied equipment and sends them for processing to SECURITHOR. The database is within SECURITHOR who can call video recordings made and stored by Frontel.

The new OMV Premium line from Videofied is totally compatible with Frontel and SECURITHOR. Alarm codes from Videofied are already available in SECURITHOR.

Contact MCDI or Videofied sales to know more about this high level integration.

About Videofied:
Videofied delivers encrypted, wireless security equipment. With more than 1,000,000 installations in over 60 countries around the globe, Videofied is quickly being recognized for the advantages it brings.

Videofied MotionViewers send a short video clip every time the built-in PIR motion sensor trips, providing immediate verification to the operator at the central monitoring station and enabling Priority Response from the police to make an arrest and stop the intruder.

The entire Videofied system is wireless and capable of running on batteries, so it can be installed anywhere there is cellular or Wi-Fi reception.

The value of Videofied is in the response. And today’s technology makes video alarms not only possible, but also affordable.