I want to download a SECURITHOR trial and receiver SECURITHOR Newsletter by email*


You will receive a link by email. If you do not receive an email within 3 minutes, please verify your spam filters to allow emails from securithor.com.

.Fill the registration form on the left side.

.Be sure to have admin privileges on your computer. SECURITHOR will not install on a guest account. Recommended OS: Windows 10 pro with .NET 4.6.2. Securithor will also install on Windows 7,8, 10, 2012, 2016, 2019 .NET 4.6.2

If you have anti-virus, disable it for 15 minutes or during installation. Your firewall should allow SECURITHOR to use port 6234.

.Run installer SECURITHOR_v2…. and follow the on screen prompts or contact MCDI for assistance. This installer can also install the demo of MCB Mission Control Board, a tool to Track and Dispatch staff using the MCB app. The MCB plugin transfers alarm signals to MCB and gets reports, pictures and videos from your mobile staff using the app. Contact us if you need MCB Go!, the stand alone version of Mission Control Board

.You can try SECURITHOR for 30 days from the date of installation. If you already installed SECURITHOR on your PC or need an extension, contact us at securithor@mcdi.com Skype: mcdi-hq or ph: +514.481.1067

.If you run into any snag installing SECURITHOR do call on us at securithor@mcdi.com or ph: +514.481.1067 or Skype: mcdi-hq

This version is suitable for new installations. Contact us  instead for updates or for upgrades from Securithor version 1

Some features are not part of the trial as they require additional set-up. We can show them to you from our servers. Contact us to arrange an online demo

Check the SECURITHOR youtube channel for video tutorial or look for the getting_started.pdf guide installed by SECURITHOR.

If you entered data, it will be kept in Securithor and you can use them after purchasing a license.

Contact MCDI or a MCDI Dealer to purchase SECURITHOR and receive a permanent unlock code.