Email and SMS are sent automatically when receiving an alarm signal. Set them per account and per alarm code

SECURITHOR is built to follow your CMS, not the other way around. Start with the number of stations you need 1,2,3… and add more stations when you need them. You can plan your network installation ahead and spend only when you need it. Scalability also means you can jump from Single Station to Network Operation easily.  It also means you can add modules such as Weboperator or Web Access for your subscribers when you need them.

Redundancy options such as Live Back-up can be added to your operation. Remote Operation Center (recovery center) and remote back-up are all options that MCDI can set for you.

With more than 5000 installations, MCDI products have proved to be easy to install and use. Our SECURITHOR entry level version is made to install by simply following the installer’s instructions.

Our engineers rarely travel to a site because even complex installations can be made with the help of our local resellers or by a local technician with general knowledge of computers and network. MCDI usually installs the base configuration ST1 under one hour using remote access tools. With a walk-through training you are ready to run SECURITHOR in no time.

Many WEB FEATURES are available for SECURITHOR. From Subscribers access to dedicated features for testing installations. Check the dedicated page on Web Access for SECURITHOR.

SECURITHOR server is made for Windows 10/11 pro or Server 2012/2016/2019/2022. As SECURITHOR is made to run with PostgreSQL and is not using Windows’ services, a regular OS is enough for the minimum to medium traffic operation thus tremendously reducing acquisition costs. High traffic or multi-site operations can benefit from a Server OS. Some of SECURITHOR modules can be hosted on Linux.



In designing SECURITHOR, we selected PostgreSQL for the database. SQL respects the 5 S we are looking for: Strength, Stability, Scalability, Security and Speed. MCDI chosPostgreSQL more than 15 years ago, so we have a lot of experience with it.  

PostgreSQL is fast, able to handle big data and it’s open source. Being open source means there is no acquisition cost yet there’s a large community of developers to enhance and support it. Choosing PostgreSQL helps keep acquisition costs down because you don’t have to purchase a pricy SQL license on top of your CMS software.  PostgreSQL is an open-source object-relational database system that runs on all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X.