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More compatibility for DT42 ip receivers

Big week for DT42. We confirmed support for several manufacturers for our IP receivers. -We tested with with INIM for SmarLiving and Prime models. -More testing with STRATEL our SEA Distributor for: .SECOLINK Pas816, LAN800 Module, GSV5, GSV6U gprs module .SUPA  L16 (lan) .OPTEX GENIO ST/GENIO Advance Panel That brings the total of confirmed brands and […]

More for Mission Control Board

MCB Mission Control board 1.2  brings BIG features: We added scans of QR Codes and NFC Tags for Checkpoints. Each time you send staff to visit a location, you can add this scan to confirm presence. Not only will you have the gps log confirmation, you will also have a second confirmation of presence with […]

New features in SECURITHOR 2.20

So many new features were added to SECURITHOR 2.20! Check the list below.  Of course we could not resist making old ones better. We followed customer requests and made a lot of tweaking to make the product even better than is was. Why are updates so important? First reason is they are key moments where […]

Windows 7 sp1

As Microsoft announced Final End of Support for Windows 7 in January 2020, MCDI is recommending to install new SECURITHOR on Windows 10 pro instead. While installed Securithor will continue to work for sometimes on Windows 7, it makes technical support more difficult due to lack of technological updates by Microsoft. To note, 2020 updates […]

New features in SECURITHOR 2.19

Update 2.1.9 brings many features. And it’s one of our update with the most integrations with third part manufacturers:  Remote arming/disarming of M2M SERVICES  devices, Vivotek cameras, TWIG personal and emergency pendants,  Visonic panels with images, ACC Avigilon 6, Bosch Cloud Based Services, Vanderbilt, etc… One major new features is now available for 2.1.7: ETA. […]