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New Mobile WEB viewer for SECURITHOR

STM_iphone SECURITHOR now comes with STM a new mobile viewer for CMS supervisors and owners. Key data is now available in your palm on iPhone, iPad, web enabled phone or web browsers.

Supervisors, Management or Central owners can view status info, Last 10 to 100 events, list of logged operators and 10 most received accounts/codes. All this data is viewed from anywhere with an internet connection.

STM is designed for devices such as iPhone or iPad but you can also consult on web browsers from around the world. STM can be hosted on your CMS web site or on

This new feature is integrated in STnet and can be purchased separately for ST1. It is available for new and previously installed SECURITHOR. It comes with free web hosting on Requires ST1 or STnet version > Contact MCDI sales to add STM to your ST1. Read More »

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Network Edition now available

SECURITHOR NETWORK EDITION was released to key dealers on June 28th. STnet brings enhanced speed and stability as well as flexibility to cope with higher traffic. With a modular and scalable architecture, SECURITHOR can adapt to your monitoring needs.
You can get a trial version of latest update by registering on If you already dowmloaded SECURITHOR Trial or are currently using SECURITHOR, contact MCDI support staff to inquire about upgrade and support plans.
Read More about STnet»

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Extending SECURITHOR with new EXTRIUM:DB receiver

Extium_db MCDI will release Extrium::DB in December. This new receiver brings new features not seen before in an alarm receiver.

Extrium::db can link to SECURITHOR database to fetch account info, address, phone number and alarm code descriptions of each incoming signal. Extrium::db will display this information in plain text on front display.

Inline ImageEXTRIUM DB is also equipped with a web server to send this traffic info to tablet devices such as iPad, Netbooks or web browsers sporting 1024 pixels width making Extrium::db the perfect receiver for Gated communities, Nurse wards, College Campuses and Security Department.

EXTRIUM DB can also work in stand alone mode as it can support an internal 4000 accounts database with accounts info, alarm codes description as well as actions to take. A guard can view incoming alarm, actions to take and even enter notes directly in Extrium db using a USB keypad.

Extrium::db is available in two versions: with or without internal receiver. Both versions can receive signals from legacy receivers reporting in MCDI, Sur-Gard, Ademco 685 and SK9500 formats. This means you can view description of an event received with an old receiver and can also report events over IP to several destinations.
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To better fit your needs, STnet architecture allows central installation or installation of components in various servers and PCs. Workstation access is controlled by the server.

Remote Connect over IPWhich also means you can install numerous workstation licenses and access from nearly anywhere with an internet connection. You pay only for the number of concurrent workstations you need.

Starting a SECURITHOR station, you can access from nearly anywhere in the world allowing a supervisor to check on CMS status or to allow relief to the CMS without having to wait for operators to travel.

Communication between server and stations consists only of SQL queries thus making it fast and lean. Graphical user interface is local with the workstation so the information exchanged is light and does not require a very high speed internet connection. A firewall and VPN insure your SECURITHOR information stays secure. Read More on STnet»

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